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"It comes naturally."

Most girls with natural hair grow up believing that their curls are "dirty," "unprofessional," and something to be ashamed of. They feel pressured to straighten and damage their hair in order to fit the norm. Even with the rise of the natural hair movement, the underrepresentation of the tightest & most common curl patterns in today's media and tutorials has excluded many from embracing what comes naturally. To spread a sense of empowerment, we've gathered the best natural hair resources for those seeking advice.

To start, navigate to the Quiz page and answer a few questions to find out which curl pattern you have.
Next, the Curl Type page will go more in-depth about your curl type and how to properly take care of it.
The Guide page provides basic Do's and Don'ts for natural hair and answers some Frequently Asked Questions.
Lastly, the Randomizer page pulls up random hairstyles, along with links to YouTube tutorials to show you how it's done!