Your curl pattern is... 4C!


Shape: No definite pattern
Appearance: Cloud :)

This curl pattern is coiled the tightest of them all, causing its strands to bend and curve at random angles. It's densely packed and can shrink to around 70% of its actual length, so it tangles very easily and appears much shorter than it really is. This means humidity and surprise rainstorms can be devastating for your curls. Proper moisturizing will make it soft and easier to control.

Because 4C is the most fragile hair type, protective styles are an absolute must if you want to see any growth. Creating a cycle that balances wash days and low manipulation days will help immensely in managing your hair without getting a headache. Avoid excessive styling or overloading your hair with products in an attempt to achieve curl definition. Definition can be achieved by combining overnight braidouts/twistouts with the LOC method.